We were in the property investment industry and after the oil industry crashed in 2015, my husband got laid off and we lost everything. Shortly after,  I suddenly found myself unable to work due to Lupus and decided to paint a vintage vanity to keep my mind occupied. The vanity got painted a bright pink & it looked stunning! I put it up for sale and a dad bought it for his two daughters that fell in love with the colour!

After this vanity sold so fast my husband and I started a small company to refinish, restore and re-purpose vintage and antique furniture.      

We started looking for ideas on Pinterest and from there we went on to create VW bus dressers, LEGO dressers, Suitcase dressers, Paw Patrol bedroom sets and sink vanity’s. The one thing we did get from the ideas was to make them better than anything we saw on Pinterest. We added more detail and made a vow that every piece we did would truly be one of a kind!

Tazz Berry, nicknamed FuzzyBear!

Everyone always asks us where the name for our company comes from. We named our company Fuzzy Bears Treasures after our miniature poodle who was nicknamed Fuzzybear. He was a very capable supervisor with all the furniture & projects we worked on! He was the love of our life, but sadly, we lost him to cancer shortly after.

We pride ourselves for keeping antique and vintage furniture out of the land fills and giving it a new lease on life. We keeping prices low so almost everybody can afford a Fuzzy Bears Treasures, a one of a kind piece of furniture. We now also do custom work on customers’ furniture and have a very happy client base!

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